What is Fluent?

Fluent is a Digital Marketing Platform, powered by Adobe, that delivers across all channels in the areas of Analytics, Targeting and Experience Management

Because of investments we have made in enhancing the Adobe Marketing Suite, Fluent offers a head-start to winning the millisecond moments. It is available in the cloud and sold as a service. You pay monthly for just the capacity you need.

Fluent's key components work as an integrated platform to enable smart, targeted campaigns and experiences

Fluent Experience Manager

Adobe CQ & Scene 7

Manage and publish digital content and experiences through all channels from one single integrated platform

Fluent Targeting

Adobe Target & Adobe Audience Manager

Build robust, on-the-fly segmentation models based on data from multiple channels and create and publish targeting rules for each

Fluent Analytics

Adobe Omniture & Analytics

Assess customer models, attribution, reach and frequency to maximize content and media performance

To give our clients a head start, Razorfish has invested in the following areas to augment the Adobe marketing cloud


Vertical market accelerators known to deliver marketing ROI

including pre-defined segments, campaign plans and targeting rules


More data (intelligence)

pre-packaged data with links to over one dozen external data sources for smarter customer profiles


Pre-defined KPIs, attribution models and reporting

measure and optimize campaigns immediately


Portals and dashboards for integrated management of compaigns

across channels, segments, data sources and content assets